Best Buy shows an on-line simulator of the HTC Thunderbolt

Best Buy shows an on-line simulator of the HTC Thunderbolt
If you've been waiting for Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt to be released, it looks like things may be getting a bit closer, as the Best Buy site now has an on-line simulator for the phone. It still doesn't give a release date, which has been rumored from last week through February 28th, but keep in mind you can pre-order it with a $50 deposit at their store locations.

The simulator shows some information about the phone, such as 360 degree overview of where the power button, earpiece and camera are located (like you couldn't figure that out yourself?), as well as how to use the software, streaming video, and camera. Under the 'discover more' section it will guide you on how to download and install apps though the Android Market, connect to a Wi-Fi network, use Google Maps for driving directions, setup and pair with a Bluetooth device, add and remove desktop widgets, and how to setup the Wi-Fi Hotspot. All of this is pretty basic stuff, as nothing too advanced is shown, but at the end it does list all of the phone's specifications.

It's still not a release date, which is what everyone is waiting for at this point, but there are also listings on the Best Buy site for the Thunderbolt's screen protector and purple soft-shell case.

source: Best Buy

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