Best Buy now offering the T-Mobile branded HTC One for $299.99 on contract

Best Buy now offering the T-Mobile branded HTC One for $299.99 on contract
After mistakenly pricing pre-ordered units of the HTC One for T-Mobile at $249.99, Best Buy now has it right. The big box retailer is offering the T-Mobile variant of HTC's sexy Android flagship on contract for $299.99. Since Best Buy is a national retailer, the phone must be purchased for those using the Classic plan which means that the device is subsidized (although to a far less degree than other carriers), and buyers will need to put their signature on a two-year pact.

If you were to buy the phone at T-Mobile with the Value plan, you would be paying full price for the device by making a down payment of $99.99 and paying the balance off in 24 months with $20 monthly installments. Best Buy is planning on eventually offering the Value plan and its pricing to its own customers. At this point though, T-Mobile has said that it is too difficult to ask national retailers to keep track of inventory and commissions like T-Mobile does in its own stores.

The T-Mobile version of the HTC One offers 32GB of native storage while AT&T has the exclusive on the 64GB model in the U.S. The HTC One does not offer a microSD slot which is why the device is offered with no less than 32GB of native memory. 

source: BestBuy via TmoNews

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