Best Buy gives away $25 gift card when you buy an Apple iPhone 5

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With the Holiday season in full swing, you can find deals on pretty much everything. The iPhone 5? Not so much. There are some small price cuts, though, and Best Buy has just brought one of its own - a $25 gift card for every iPhone 5 purchase.

You get the card after you activate an iPhone 5 with a Verizon, AT&T or Sprint on a 2-year plan. You have to activate the phone at Best Buy in order to get the card.

Best Buy is selling the iPhone 5 at the standard $199.99 price for the 16GB model on contract.

If you don’t want a Best Buy gift card, but still want some kind of a discount, RadioShack is slashing prices on iPhones by $20 in store, so that is your alternative.

source: Best Buy via 9to5Mac


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