Best Buy expected to sell the HTC EVO 4G micro HDMI dock

Best Buy expected to sell the HTC EVO 4G micro HDMI dock
You know you'll want to hook up that HTC EVO 4G to your high definition television sitting in your living room when launch day arrives, but some times you want to elegantly connect it instead of just a simple wired connection that lacks the prestigious nature accompanying the smartphone. Fortunately it looks like Best Buy is coming in to the rescue by offering a special micro HDMI dock for the venerable upcoming handset. Not only does it act as some kind of piercing vessel for you handset, but it'll connect it to your video source through its micro HDMI port found on the bottom of the handset and HDMI 1.4 connectivity. Sure it'll give you some neat features, but there are reports that some television units were unable to recognize other formats aside from 480p even though the HTC EVO 4G was putting out 1080p – it's not clear if the issue lies in the software, HDMI cable, or even television. Still, it'd be best to test it out if your local store has it on display before making that impulse purchase that you may regret – but then again, it still does make for one nice looking pedestal for the coveted Android powered handset. Although it's expected to be “coming soon,” there is no concrete word surrounding an actual date or pricing – so it'd be wise to check up with your local Best Buy store consistently to receive updates on its status.

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