Best Buy October 21st Apple fixture installation is not for an iPhone launch

Best Buy October 21st Apple fixture installation is not for an iPhone launch
Just yesterday, we heard about Best Buy prepping up its stores with an Apple fixture installation on October 21st, which tipsters for Thisismynext suggested might coincide with a future iPhone launch. Well, that rumor wasn’t given the chance to last long as MacRumors now has it debunked from various of its own sources, which say that the “C2 end display,” which appeared in a leaked calendar, is where Best Buy puts an iPad display. 

Updates to that are pretty common, and usually have something to do with either promotion or the store layout. Actually, the publication suggests, that Apple might be making those displays bigger and fitting more iPads, but there are no indications to this being somehow connected to the launch of the next-gen iPhone.

So while that puts the rumor to rest, it might be for the good, as the iPhone 5/4S, or whatever the next iteration of the iPhone is called, is expected to arrive earlier in October. 

source: MacRumors



1. iKingTrust

Posts: 716; Member since: Jul 27, 2011

That is a wonderful picture.

2. firebo14

Posts: 77; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

iSheeps or Fapples.. they sure love to do that :]

4. iKingTrust

Posts: 716; Member since: Jul 27, 2011

Who is an iSheep?

3. chgotech unregistered

Get a life!

5. explainz unregistered

What is the business purpose of not revealing the release date of the iphone 5 as of yet its almost October I mean I plea ignorance here but what business purpose does it accomplish. As with the sg2 phone, after the long wait I have lost interest in that phone. The same withor the iphone 5 I have lost interest in that phone as well. I will just keep my droid 2 until LTE is really at full capacity or whenever the Droid 2 is fully depreciated. Phones are way over hyped these days.

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