Beats Yo! gives Windows Phone users a lot of bang for their drums

Beats Yo! gives Windows Phone users a lot of bang for their drums
Drum machines are some of the most popular music-making apps for mobile devices, and Windows Phone is no exception... yo! Beats Yo! is a free drum computer simulation with 16 sample pads. It offers four-track recording; cutting and arranging recorded four-bar loops, as well as the ability to Save and Load them; adjustable tempo and a metronome to keep time. It also has real-time quantization to fix any missed beats. That's a decent set of features for a free app.

Notably, the WAV files you save can be easily transferred to a PC, as they are contained in the Music\Beats Yo folder inside your Windows phone's flash storage.

Although free to download and use, Beats Yo! offers in-app purchases in the form of additional drum-kits. Without these, users have only one drum-kit at their disposal. The app is compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices only.


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1. rodneyej1

Posts: 3576; Member since: Jul 06, 2013

I love these type of apps, and WP needs more audio production apps.. Personally, I would like to see the official Akai MPC app come to WP soon..

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