Battery blamed for the explosion of an Apple iPhone 7 in China

Battery blamed for the explosion of an Apple iPhone 7 in China
Perhaps Apple iPhone fans shouldn't throw batteries at glass houses. Samsung's own investigation revealed that issues with the battery were responsible for the explosions and subsequent recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year. Now, it appears that a problem with the juicer inside a Matte Black 32GB Apple iPhone 7 caused it to explode while it was left alone, charging, inside a house in East China's Suqian City.

The owner of the phone, a woman named Yin, noticed that her iPhone 7 battery was headed toward the white light (it was about to die). So she placed the handset on a bedside table, plugged it in, and went for a walk. As she was returning from her little jaunt, she heard an explosion, and realized it was her iPhone basically saying goodbye to this world.

Yin took her phone to a nearby Apple Store where an autopsy will be performed. According to those who handle handset repairs, the blackened screen would tend to indicate that the source of the explosion was the battery inside the device. Any type of deficiency when it comes to the battery could have been aggravated by a problem with the charger or the charging cable. Remember, the device was being charged at the time of the explosion.

Luckily, no one was home at the time the phone exploded. It isn't known whether Apple was willing to replace the handset, which cost Yin the equivalent of $781 USD.

source: DailyMail
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