Australian guy first in line globally, still no iPhone 7 Plus for him (video)

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Now, this has to hurt. It's getting close to Friday in Australia, and folks who are already line up in front of the Apple Stores there still can't get their hands on an iPhone 7 Plus, even if they do a somersault for the Genius bar staffers. 

Long story short, the online Apple and carrier preorders ate up all available stock of black iPhones, plus the 7 Plus won't even make it to the stores initially. For the iOS-challenged, that's the phone with the two cameras and the optical zoom that every upgrader is trying to get a hand on. 

Surprisingly enough, even the first person in the world to get their hands on an iPhone from a store - the guy in the rabbit hat you see in the video above - won't be able to get the 7 Plus, as store employees went out and told everyone that they are out of those. Bummer. At least Apple did the right thing, went out, and handed everybody of the 30-40 people in the line a $100 gift voucher to soothe their optically zoomed pains.

source: TabTimes

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