Asus teases compact yet powerful Zenfone 8 with a cute invite

Asus teases compact yet powerful Zenfone 8 with a cute invite
Asus has sent us a cute little invitation, teasing its next flagship series - the Zenfone 8. We were really impressed by the Zenfone 7 Pro last year, not only because it was a solid device, but also for the fact that it was different.

The company somehow managed to stay away from popular design choices in smartphone manufacturing, for better or worse, and judging by the invitation in question, we’re about to witness another unorthodox line of devices.

At first glance, the invitation reads “Big in size” but there’s a transparent slate that you put on top of it and you get “Big on performance, compact in size”. It’s clever but it would’ve been even better if the slate was a polarizer, revealing the hidden words. The text is just printed on it, though.

Still, we’re pretty hyped because we like compact phones and we also like it when manufacturers have the balls to do things differently. The Zenfone 8 launch will be happening on May 12, 01:00 PM Eastern Time and the printed QR code links to the official website of the event.

The specific size of the little transparent sheet of plastic is also really interesting, as it’s painted on the edges to resemble a phone. So we decided to measure it and it’s exactly 148 x 69mm.

We leave you with this little piece of information and the notion that the new Zenfone 8 could be quite compact indeed. But before we go, check out this rumor about a possible Zenfone 8 Mini device, could it be the regular Zenfone 8, and people call it Mini, fooled by the footprint? We'll find out in a couple of weeks time.

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