Asus might be working on a gaming smartphone

Asus might be working on a gaming smartphone
Thanks to the Razer Phone and the Xiaomi Black Shark, gaming-centric Android devices have recently become a cool new niche for manufacturers to explore. One of the brighter names in the gaming world, Asus, which is popular for its Strix and ROG (Republic of Gamers) sub-brands has just hinted that it might be developing a gaming smartphone of its own as well.

While being interviewed during the grand opening of Asus' 100th store in the Philippines, the company's Global CEO Jerry Shen revealed that it can be expected of Asus to release such a device. This way, the firm will be able to utilize its prominent position on the PC gaming scene to stir up this untapped niche of the smartphone market.

Of course, it's too early to begin speculating or rounding up our expectations about Asus' teases gaming phone, let alone circle our calendars for a potential release date. Of course, it's easy to speculate that Asus would want to throw in some serious hardware inside the device but this might not be enough, since just about any contemporary device can run most Android games quite well. Thus, the company would probably have to employ an exclusive feature to make its gaming device stand out.

Still, we are ready to bet some serious cash that Asus would certainly use the ROG sub-brand one way or another.



1. Bankz

Posts: 2550; Member since: Apr 08, 2016

meh, the Nubia Red magic >>> any gaming phone in the foreseeable future. Be patient. wait.

2. SaRPeR

Posts: 151; Member since: Mar 02, 2017

Gaming phone ? Just buy a regular flagship phone it is not different from "gaming" phones. Gaming phones are just a gimmick.

3. Settings

Posts: 2943; Member since: Jul 02, 2014

Hardware buttons is a must. Bluetooth controllers may do the work but it have some serious lag issues.

5. LordDavon

Posts: 179; Member since: Sep 19, 2011

Exactly! That's the issue with these new "gaming" phones. The Razer and Xiaomi phones both lack connected hardware. Only Motorola has a hardware controller that you can attach to their phone. The bluetooth controller that Xiaomi released may work for the Asian MOBA games, but for the rest of the world it's a fail. Too sad really. I was really hoping they had something good to release.

4. Sparkxster

Posts: 1245; Member since: Mar 31, 2017

Do something incredible Asus!

6. japkoslav

Posts: 1552; Member since: Feb 19, 2017

It's Asus we are talking about, did they ever did something incredible? Apart from Xonar soundcards ofc.

7. rkoforever90

Posts: 475; Member since: Dec 03, 2011

meh! buy a regular flagship or buy nintendo switch

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