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Asus Transformer Prime TF201 gets an update that fixes a number of issues

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Asus Transformer Prime TF201 gets an update that fixes a number of issues
Asus has unleashed a super-duper software update for its Transformer Prime tablet, fixing a number of issues that have managed to survive to this day but not anymore. As always, you may not necessarily detect any change in the performance of your device after the update, but still it's highly advised that you install the update nonetheless.

Some of the things that this latest update is said to bring include an improved web page compatibility, a fix for a small bug that has to do with the screen saver option and an update to the Polaris Office application.

Here's the full changelog for all of you, happy Transformer Prime users!

- Fix the issue that in ASUS Spanish(US) and ASUS Dutch(Holland) IME, some characters cannot be typed or cannot be typed correctly.

2. Gmail
- Fix the issue that "Show quoted text” in Gmail does not work in a mail thread that is with 2+ messages.

3. 3d party app
- Upgrade Polaris Office to 3.5-build 5r16148FV06.

4. Wi-Fi
- Fix the issue that TF201 cannot connect with Wi-Fi AP that has Chinese character AP name.(SSiD)

5. Screen Saver
- Fix the issue that the screen cannot resume to video playback but only audio playback after pressing power button when “Quick Launch” in Screen Saver settings is enabled.

6. Browser
- Improve web page compatibility.

via: AndroidPolice

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