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Are the apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace of a higher quality than the ones in Google Play Store?

Are the apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace of a higher quality than the ones in Google Play Store?
Microsoft made a presentation recently that  showed that despite a much larger number of apps offered in the Google Play Store than in Windows Phone Marketplace, the average number of apps installed on a Windows Phone handset was basically equal to the number of apps the average Android user downloaded on his unit. The stats released by the Redmond based software giant shows that as of last March there were 50.9 apps loaded on the average Windows Phone model.

While that figure matched the number of apps on the average Android phone as of November of last year, both trailed sharply the number of apps installed on the average Apple iPhone. As of March 2012, the iPhone users had 88 apps installed on their device. Not only do these stats tend to lessen the importance of the number of apps available at a specific online applications store, it also reduces the importance of being able to add storage to your phone when needed. Both the Apple iPhone and Windows Phone models lack a microSD slot for expanding storage. Recent Android models usually have a 32GB capacity microSD slot and models running Android 2.2 or higher can store certain apps on their microSD card instead of using the phone's native memory. You would think that this would give Android users the incentive to have more apps on their phone than the average Windows Phone and Apple iPhone user.

The bottom line could mean that there are higher quality apps found in the Windows Phone Marketplace than on Google Play Store as the average user on each platform has found the same number of apps to install despite the much larger selection for Android users. The numbers can't be extrapolated for Apple iPhone users so easily. The larger number of apps on the average iPhone can be partially related to the larger number of apps in the Apple Store than in Google Play Store and Windows Phone Marketplace.

source: WMPoweruser


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