Are financed phones part of T-Mobile's Project Dark?

Are financed phones part of T-Mobile's Project Dark?
BGR has some info from a tipster that sheds some new light on Project Dark for T-Mobile. First, there is talk of a three tiered unlimited monthly schedule. $40 per month would give you unlimited voice. $50 a month would buy you unlimited voice and texting, and $60 per month gives you the whole kit and caboodle-unlimited voice/text/data. Not only does this plan sound like it could provide significant savings, it is also streamlined and easy to figure out.

Another part of Project Dark appears to be financed cellphones. Now there is something of a catch to this. The price used for calculating your cost would be the unsubsidized, non-contract full retail price. BGR's sources tell them that the phones would be paid off for no longer than 20 months Thus, a $500 handset would work out to about $25 per month. If Project Dark contains all of these features, will it be the "game changing" event that the nation's fourth largest carrier hopes it will be? It might depend on how the other carriers respond. Verizon and AT&T, the numbers one and two U.S. carriers respectively, might decide to step aside at first and let T-Mobile and Sprint duke it out for third. Once that battle is settled-and that could take time-then you might see Big Red and AT&T respond. The wild card here is that T-Mobile will be bolstering its line-up with phones like the Motorola CLIQ, BlackBerry Bold2 9700, Nokia N900 and quite possibly the drool producing HTC HD2.

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source: BGR

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