Archos bringing its 10 tablet series in three weeks starting with Archos G101XS

Archos bringing its 10 tablet series in three weeks starting with Archos G101XS
Archos is mostly known for its affordable tablets and this new Archos 10 series of devices probably won’t be different. What’s different, though, is that now the company has teased the Archos G10x and this time the device is not only budget-savvy but looks good.

The Archos G101XS is expected to be an Android 4.0 tablet with a 10.1-inch display and memory expandable with microSD cards. It will also feature a mini-HDMI port and a connector similar to what the Eee Pad Transformer uses for the keyboard dock.

We’ve already seen the first images of the device hit the FCC last week, and the FCC filings makes it look as if the keyboard is coming with the device. We’re yet to see about that, and also about the price and US availability of the device. If Archos brings this for an affordable price and offers a quick update path to Jelly Bean, it might have a winner here.

source: Archos via Coolsmartphone



1. Reverence

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2. afnanrahman

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Prob quad core

3. TylerGrunter

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You wish! The biggest problem with Archos is that they always put a very bad processor. I hope you are right and I'll have to eat my words thogh

4. pikapowerize

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ehhh.... it doesnt mean that people want cheap tablet you need to give us cheap hardware and software!

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