Archos G9 getting ICS in Q1 2012, video demo teases it now

Archos G9 getting ICS in Q1 2012, video demo teases it now
Archos has a couple of Honeycomb tablets on the market: the G9 series come in an 8-inch and a 10.1-inch versions and both carry tempting prices, but the uncertainty over their software future might have been a turn-off. Now, Archos promises Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on both devices by the end of the first quarter of 2012.

The company has already demonstrated how ICS looks on the tablets and the experience is buttery smooth. That’s about where specifics end, but by now you already probably know everything about the affordable tablets. The 10.1-inch one sells for around $370 off contract, while the 8 incher has a price tag of around $300. 

The video demo below shows Android 4.0.1 in action on an OMAP-4 powered Archos G9. One of the reasons why Archos can bring the platform to market so quickly is that TI’s OMAP chip was also the reference platform for ICS.

source: AnandTech


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1. shifu

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G9 vs TP......... ARM Cortex A9 "turbo" Vs ARM Cortex A9 250gb Vs 32 or 64gb............This is where i have an issue here. Before i even continue. 250gb from what may seem to be excessive to others is marvelous to me. Lets not even going into the price point yet!.......399? Is prime even set at 1.5? Asus Why am i paying an extra $100............I was waiting for this back in Aug to drop "in time for back to school" I'm still happy with my pre-order. 18th baby CMON!

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