Applications for paid apps on the Pre now being accepted by Palm

Applications for paid and free apps on the Pre now being accepted by Palm
On the Palm Developer Network Blog, the manufacturer made an open call for developers to start sending in applications for paid and free apps on the Palm Pre. Palm says that developers can charge a one-time fee to download an application. At first, the apps will be available in the U.S. only. App purchasers will use a credit card and will download apps through their webOS device and developers will receive 70% of the revenue generated by an application-minus sales tax, of course.

Palm has even written a guideline of what they want apps to have. They should be useful and engaging with an "appealing design" and a UI that meshes with the Palm UI. They must be written for webOS and cannot be downloaded through the browser. Apps should take advantage of the device's features like multi-tasking, accelerometer, etc. Finally, the app must be responsive and should not lag or be sluggish. Instructions on how to submit an app as well as ideas on testing your submission are written at the source link.

source: Palm Developers Network Blog via mobileburn

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