Apple's stock soars $12 after hours thanks to better than expected Q2 earnings

Apple's stock soars $12 after hours thanks to better than expected Q2 earnings
Thanks to new demand from Verizon customers for the Apple iPhone 4, the Cupertino based company nearly doubled earnings in the second quarter from a year earlier. Earnings rose in the period to $5.99billion, or $6.40 a share, from $3.07 billion, or $3.33, a yearearlier. That compares with the $5.39 figure expected by analysts and is why Apple's common stock rose over $12 a share in after hours trading on NASDAQ. Revenue rose a strong 83% to $24.7 billion, beating the $23.4 billion predicted by analysts.

In the three month period, Apple sold 18.7 million iPhones, which included the units sold by Verizon. Big Red started selling the handset on February 10th. An average of 13 analysts estimates added up to expectations that Apple would sell 16.3 million units of its touchscreen phone during Q2.

Not everything Apple did was golden. While the pace of iPhone sales were the strongest in 2 years, sales of the Apple iPad came in below the expectations that 6.1 million units would be sold. The actual figure was 4.69 million. Apple also predicted that the current quarter would show lower profits than analysts were looking for. The company put guidance for Q3 at $5.03 a share with $23 billion in revenue versus Wall Street's estimate that Apple will report profits of $5.25 a share on $23.8 billion in sales.

Besides investors voting with their money after the release of the earnings, analysts also weighed in with positive comments. Mark Moskowitz, an analystat JPMorgan Chase & Co. said,  "This will restore in investors’ minds that Apple is themagical growth story in tech. They really are amazing."

After the numbers were released, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said, "We will continue to innovate on all fronts throughout theremainder of the year."

source: Bloomberg

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1. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

Apple is overpriced on everything, even their stock is overpriced.

2. Lucas777

Posts: 2137; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

shut up. U just cant handle the fact that they r good at making a profit. If they r good at one thing it wud be that. Also their stock has risen steadily with their reputation and the iphone. Its not like it is super high all the sudden. And, since everything comes down to apple vs google, google has way more overpriced stock. The ratio is 22 when it shud be 15 for normal stock. This shows how overpriced it is. Especially when you own stock in a company where they have no product to sell. Basically youare investing in advertisements and search since android makes no money for them. Also, bing recently gained 30 percent of the markert showing google does not completely control search.

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