Apple's new A9 chipset for the iPhone 6s appears in spy shots

Insiders snap what is claimed to be Apple's new A9 chipset to go in the iPhone 6s
There's barely been a day now without some grand leak about the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that Apple is about to unveil in a short while on Wednesday. Apart from the eventual new screen resolutions and the Force Touch display technology that will supposedly be called "3D Touch," we are now getting some new info on the silicon inside, thanks to a few snapped spy shot of what is said to be the Apple A9 processor.

The next-gen chipset from Apple is indeed marked with this title, and could have a smaller footprint than the current A8, which would not be hard to achieve, given the rumored 14nm production process, provided by Samsung's foundries. The A9 was recently benchmarked, showing pretty stellar results. Also, on Geekbench, it showed the iPhone 6s running the A9 SoC with the CPU clocked at 1.8GHz. The single-core score was 2248, while the multi-core tally came in at 4036. 

Coupled with 2 GB of RAM, the A9 should bring quite the boost to the iPhone line in terms of performance, so we can't wait for the charts that Tim Cook and company will whip out at the stage on Wednesday, explaining how it's tens of times faster than the first Apple mobile chipset, as they usually do.

source: @GeekBar (Weibo) via @OnLeaks (Twitter)

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