Apple's iOS tops the customer satisfaction charts; Android holds third place

Apple's iOS tops the customer satisfaction charts; Android holds third place
Okay, this may not come as that big of a surprise to some of you, but a recent survey conducted by  ChangeWave Research shows that iOS leaves an impressive 70% of its users very satisfied with the experience of using it and holds a solid first spot in that category. In comparison, only 50% of Android users say that they are very satisfied with the platform, which ranks Google's mobile platform in third place.

The interesting part is that Windows Phone 7 actually has a greater customer satisfaction rating than Android despite its lower market share. The study shows that 57% of WP7 users admit to be very satisfied with the experience. However, only 14% of the people who are stuck with the outdated Windows Mobile platform say they feel the same way.

Another first place award goes to Apple, according to the survey's results, as the iPhone appears to be the most anticipated handset right now. Nearly half of the interviewees (48%) who are planning on purchasing a smartphone within the next three months say that it is going to be an iPhone, probably due to the fact that its next iteration is expected to launch pretty soon. In comparison, Android devices rank second in this category as they are expected to be found in the pockets of 36% of the potential smartphone buyers.

So, what is the conclusion that we can make from all this data? Well, it is all evidence that Apple is simply doing things right when it comes to its iOS devices and its fanbase is destined to keep on growing. The announcement of the next iPhone is probably going to make a much greater impact on the market than the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Windows Phone Mango, so it would not be surprising if the price of Apple stock continues to soar.

source: ChangeWave Research via Android Authority

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