Apple's Free App of the Week is no more

Week after week, we used to tell you which paid app was designated by the guys in Cupertino as the Apple Free App of the Week. From Thursday of each week through Wednesday night, the Free App of the Week would cost iOS users nothing more than the time it took to install the app on an iPhone or iPad. Well, you might have noticed that we have not written any stories about the weekly free app since the middle of last month. That's because ever since the launch of iOS 11, Apple has done away with the freebie.

The revamped App Store does have a tab titled "Today" that features an "App of the Day," but this merely highlights a different app every day through a daily article. If the App of the Day is a paid app, it will remain a paid app and you will have to open your wallet to pay for it. If the app singled out on a particular day is free, it remains free. The same rules apply to the App Store's new "Game of the Day," which simply is an article discussing a game offered in the App Store.

With iOS 11, Apple made changes to the App Store in order to make it easier for users to navigate it. Apparently, the tech titan felt that it was more important for iOS users to find the apps that they are looking for, rather than get a paid app for free each week. Of course, there always is the possibility that Apple will bring back the Free App of the Week, but for now that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

source: GadgetHacks
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