Apple's Cyber Monday/Black Friday weekend promo runs a deal on... News+

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Apple News, the one that comes with your iPhone or iPad, is very well integrated into the overall iOS visual scheme. Heavy on pictures and media, Apple News has partnerships with such juggernauts like the New York Times or National Geographic, and can serve you content based on your channel preferences. 

The content is a bit hit or miss, though, as the news crawler isn't as polished as Google's, plus the app is georestricted to be available only in certain countries like the US, UK  or Australia, so you'd have to go elsewhere for local content.

The Apple News+ add-on, however, has been going on since March and with the purchase of Texture offered its subscribers more than 300 magazines to fold into Apple News, on top of a few leading publications like the Wall Street Journal. 

Apple is even thinking of bundling its "plus" media and content services like TV+ and News+ along with Music, into one neat package that will come much cheaper than the sum of its parts, reported Bloomberg not long ago. With the exception of Music, none of the 2019 newcomers is particularly popular among Apple aficionados just yet. 

To spearhead the lagging adoption and subscriber base, Apple is now offering a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal on News+ by extending its trial period with two more months. The deal will only run this weekend, so if you have been curious about News+, now is the time to hit the subscribe button and take it for a trimester spin. 

Just don't forget to set your calendar in canceling mode mid-March, in case you aren't entirely convinced to shell out for an actual subscription.

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