Apple TV+, Music, and News+ to be packaged in one neat bundle of joy

Apple TV+, Music, and News+ to be packaged in one neat bundle of joy
At the beginning of the year, Morgan Stanley analysts took upon the Apple TV+ then-rumors, and predicted that Apple could hit a $1 trillion market capitalization yet again in a very near future. 

How? Well, if it folds TV+ into the ultimate "media bundle" with Apple Music and News+ that resulted from the purchase of the magazine subscription aggregator Texture last year.

Bear in mind that they didn't even mention Apple's $4.99 Arcade game subscription service that also made a cameo this fall. Apple Music has millions of songs in its portfolio, Texture had more than 200 magazines to fold into Apple News, while Apple's take on Netflix is taking shape as a $4.99 curated list of original shows, movies and TV series.

Apple TV+, Music, and News+ bundle price in 2020

Bloomberg is now reporting that Apple is planning to do exactly that next year, perhaps with the launch of the 2020 5G iPhones, bundling Apple Music, TV+ and News+ in one neat package that will cost much less to subscribe to than the sum of its components. 

That would make iPhones and iPads the ultimate keepers even more, despite that Apple already bundles TV+ with Apple Music for free with a student account. Currently, if you get the family sharing options for those services, all three will run you $30, so if Apple can halve that price, it will still have a nice little revenue stream per iPhone every month to count on when the going gets tough. Smart.

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