Apple v. Samsung jurors are told not to update devices or load apps during deliberation

Apple v. Samsung jurors are told not to update devices used for evidence during deliberations
Those sitting on the jury for the Apple v. Samsung trial will be given a number of different devices to try during deliberations. Judge Koh has ordered the jurors not to update any of those devices that are sent into the jury room. Nor is any jury member allowed to install an app on any phone or tablet being examined by the jury. The devices, considered evidence, are being provided to the jury without SIM cards

The reason for Judge Koh's warning to the jury makes sense. She fears that if any of the devices being used for evidence are updated or changed in any way by a jury member, it could affect the way a device works and how it looks. Since part of the case revolves around infringement of design patents including icons, updating the devices could change what a juror sees and believes. While the jury won't be allowed to install SIM cards to use on the devices while deliberating , they are allowed to connect to the internet via the court's Wi-Fi network as long as they are not watching news about the trial.

Judge Koh told the jury that if they see a screen on any device offering a system update, they must decline it by selecting "install later" or by pressing the home or back button.

Jury deliberation will begin Wednesday, but their decision might not be the end of the case. Both sides have been taking notes of decisions made by Judge Koh that could be the basis of an appeal.

source: PCWorld via SlashGear

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