Report: Apple is developing ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner

Report: Apple is developing ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner
According to a new report out of Korea published today, Apple is said to be working on an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. Currently, optical technology is used by Chinese smartphone manufacturers for such a feature. This uses reflected light to read the shape of a fingerprint and match it to the user's fingerprint. The ultrasonic version, which is being developed by Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm, catches small details of the skin. While yields are lower and the parts more expensive, ultrasonic biometric readers are said to be much more accurate than the optical variety. There also is a third technique using capacitive technology that detects changes in electrical patterns to match fingerprints.

Samsung, as you've read right here on PhoneArena, has apparently decided to scrap the idea of using an in-display fingerprint scanner for this year's Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Instead, the new goal is to include the feature on the tenth anniversary Samsung Galaxy S10. Unlike the other manufacturers who are sourcing components for their in-display scanners, Samsung is keeping all of the technology in-house. That's because the company sees the ultrasonic biometric reader being used on many more products than just the smartphone. Samsung expects to see the scanner used in the future on cars and home appliances. Imagine starting your car with a touch of your finger.

KTB Investment & Securities expects 100 million in-display fingerprint sensors to be shipped next year, rising to 210 million units delivered during the following year. As far as Apple is concerned, we probably won't see an iPhone carry a fingerprint scanner under its display until next year at the earliest.

source: Chosun (translated) via MSPoweruser

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