Report: Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature in-display fingerprint scanner and perhaps 3D sensing

Report: Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature in-display fingerprint scanner and perhaps 3D sensing
Earlier today, we passed along the interesting news that Samsung plans on unveiling its 2019 flagship phone in January. The manufacturer wants to leave some room for consumers to digest the Samsung Galaxy S10 and have room left over for dessert. And by dessert, we mean the the foldable Samsung Galaxy X (or whatever moniker the company chooses). Now, a report out of South Korea gives us some ideas about what features could be found on the Galaxy S10 and, we assume, the Galaxy S10+.

The report points out that Samsung has failed for two years with its attempts to include an in-display fingerprint scanner for its phones. But this futility will end with the Samsung Galaxy S10, according to those in the know. The report adds that Sammy feels that it needs to do something special for what will be the tenth anniversary of its hugely successful Galaxy S line. Working on the in-display biometric scanner are U.S. suppliers like Qualcomm and Synaptics, along with Taiwan's Ezestek.

It isn't certain at this point that the Galaxy S10 will include the 3D sensing that allows Apple to offer Face ID. The report notes that Mantis Vision and Samsung Electronics Institute of Technology have been assigned the task of developing the required algorithms for such a feature, but at the moment this technology is not ready for prime time. While those suppliers involved in delivering parts and components for the in-display fingerprint scanner have reportedly "detected mass production movements," suppliers for a 3D sensing camera have yet to see the same actions that would indicate that this technology is ready to be produced.

Back in March, there was talk about Samsung incorporating 3D sensing camera modules into the Galaxy S10. While today's report doesn't change that goal, it does reveal how hard it is to develop such a feature.

source: TheBell (translated) via CNET

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