Apple еx-employee’s “App Store Confidential” book strikes a nerve with Apple

Apple еx-employee’s “App Store Confidential” book strikes a nerve with Apple
Apple has been famous for vigorously protecting its secrets and keeping a mystery around the way its tech works. But in order to do that, you may have to be very careful with your own ex-employes sharing information.

Tom Sadowski, ex-employee of Apple, who was responsible for the German part of App Store’s business, has published a book on February 18, called “App Store Confidential”. The name of the book suggests its author will be sharing information that is not publicly available, regarding the App Store. However, Apple doesn’t seem to allow this - it has sent the publisher a cease and desist letter, requesting all copies of the book to be recalled and the manuscript to be destroyed.

Apparently, Apple claims the book contains “business secrets” and violates the employment agreement. However, the book’s author denies having shared any proprietary information.

In a post on German magazine Startup Valley’s website, the book is described as being influenced by Sadowski’s vast experience in managing the App Store, offering expert tips on how to succeed on its competitive scene. According to them, the book combines personal experiences with logical explanations.

MSPoweruser tells us that, in contradiction to the German news post, people who have read the book say that it does not offer anything confidential, just some obvious information regarding the app business.

However, Apple is insisting on its stance that the book violates Sadowski’s employee agreement and for that reason it should be recalled. We do not have information whether Sadowski will cooperate with Apple’s demands or not.


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