Apple supplier Foxconn takes coronavirus precautions to the next level

Apple supplier Foxconn takes coronavirus precautions to the next level
Well, we all know how the world is fighting the ongoing pandemic - we are all, most likely, at least stuck at home to prevent the spread of the virus. Now that China is starting to recover from the outbreak, Apple supplier Foxconn is taking precautions a little bit further - what do you think about a measure forcing us to scan a QR code on our chairs to report to our employer where we were sitting at lunch?

This is a part of one of the world’s strictest coronavirus precaution policies. In order to make sure Apple’s iPhone 12 production remains on schedule and most importantly, the virus doesn't spread anymore, Foxconn is now reportedly implementing a set of very strict guidelines.

As China recovers from the coronavirus outbreak and factories start to reopen their doors and resume work, the Chinese government has issued mandatory measures to make sure that the coronavirus outbreak will not continue. Companies are supposed to supply face masks and regularly check workers' temperature, as well as submit reports about employees’ health situations. Additionally, employees cannot sit face to face at lunch and have to open the windows at least 3 times a day for half an hour.

9to5Mac reports that Foxconn, in its iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, has separated workers into teams of 20 that are supposed to stick together - eat together, work, travel, live together. In Foxconn cafeterias, seats have QR codes and workers have to scan those so that the company can collect info on where everyone was sitting for meals. What’s more, at the factory dorms, workers have to leave coats and bags for disinfection.

It’s not only Foxconn that is taking more extreme measures than other companies, Huawei has reportedly issued a 73-page document with instructions for prevention of the coronavirus spread.


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