Apple says that the iPhone 4S means business

Apple says that the iPhone 4S means business
Quietly, Apple has intensified its focus on the enterprise for the Apple iPhone. A new landing page has been developed (see sourcelink) called "Not just another day at the office," and breaks down how the device can Organize your day, View your business, Manage Projects, Meet anywhere and travel light. Apple also has added a new tagline, "The iPhone 4S means business". The idea is to grab those BlackBerry users looking for a change, and show therm how the Apple iPhone is a legitimate business tool.

One area where Apple has a huge advantage over RIM is in mobile apps. RIM is just not getting the apps designed for enterprise use like iOS is. Those sporting an Apple iPhone have the ability to view real-time analytical graphs and charts that can help them make a quick business decision on the fly. And the most popular business-centric social network, LinkedIn, just updated its app for the Apple iPad last month while there is no update in sight for the BlackBerry OS. Colin Gillis, an analyst at BCG Partners hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that no one will buy the new BlackBerry 10 handsets unless developers get excited and create a large number of apps for the OS. That is why RIM was very happy, thank you, to hand over those free BlackBerry Alpha Dev handsets (that many mistakenly thought was the first BlackBerry 10 handset for consumers) to those who attended the BlackBerry World Conference. In the same report written by Gillis, it was pointed out that based on data obtained by Appcelerator and IDC, less than 16% of developers were "very interested" in writing apps for BlackBerry vs. 90% for iOS and 80% for Android.

While BlackBerry still has the advantage of being perceived as more secure than the Apple iPhone, the latter has stressed its security offerings such as remote wipe. Another interesting point, brought up by Trend Micro, is that employees feel more productive using their own personal phone. For many, of course, that is the iPhone. And lastly, Mobile Syrup might have come up with the best reason of all for using the Apple iPhone as a business tool. If it is good enough for one of the most profitable companies in the world (Apple, duh), the company with the highest market value assigned to it on the globe, it is probably going to work out for your business.
source: Apple, TrendMicro via MobileSyrup

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