Apple pushes out iOS 9.0.1 to kill bugs dead

Apple pushes out iOS 9.0.1 to kill bugs dead
Just one week after iOS 9 was rolled out by Apple, the tech titan has started sending out iOS 9.0.1. According to the changelist, the update fixes a number of bugs including one that prevented users from completing setup assistant after installing iOS 9. The new build also takes care of an issue that prevented alarms and timers from working. Hopefully, with the update you won't be late for work or school. Another bug that has been killed is one that caused paused video in Safari and Photos to look distorted. 

The update is 34.1 MB and is being sent out OTA. Since it is being sent out on a staggered basis, there is a chance that you might not receive it for a few days. You can try to coax it out of your phone by going to Settings > General > Software update.

Once you are ready to download and install iOS 9.0.1, make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Even though the update is not a large file, you should also make sure that your battery is charged to at least 50%.

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