Apple posts job openings in U.K. related to its home grown GPU development

Apple posts job openings in U.K. related to its home grown GPU development
Earlier this month, we told you that Apple said that it no longer would need to license technology from graphics chip producer Imagination Technologies. Apple obviously wants to start building its own graphics chip for future devices. A GPU chip from Imagination Technologies has been in use on the Apple iPhone since the OG unit was launched in 2007. Apple's home-grown GPU chips won't be ready for 15 to 24 months, which means that the first iPhone to contain it could hit the market as soon as 2018.

Apple is in the process of looking for people to help design and develop its GPU chip. On Apple's U.K.based job board are 11 listings for hardware engineers related to the design of Apple's own GPU. The listing for an Engineering Program Manager has a reference to a "newly formed graphics design team." Another listing seeks some one with a "deep understanding of the micro-architectural details of designs, and how they work within the broader GPU."

While Apple has not yet indicated why it wants to produce its own GPU, the company obviously has it in mind to exert the same control over the graphics processor on its mobile devices as it has over the A-series central processor that is designed by Apple, and has been manufactured by companies like Samsung and TSMC.

The decision by Apple to produce its own GPU had hit Imagination Technologies hard. Apple made up half of the company's revenues, and since Apple's announcement that it won't require the company's technology anymore, its shares plunged 66% at one point. Meanwhile, Imagination has subtly threatened legal action against Apple with a statement that it can't see how Apple can design its own GPU without infringing on some of Imagination's patents. Will Apple be able to pull off this challenge? That is a question that we will find out the answer to in due time.

source: Apple via AppleInsider
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