Apple patents stylus that will write on all surfaces and transmits images to digital screens

Apple patents stylus that will write on all surfaces and transmits images to digital screens
Apple has received a patent for a new stylus or smart pen that will take hand-written texts and drawings and display them on the screen of a device like a smartphone or tablet. This is an accessory that could come in handy in a classroom setting. If a teacher were to use the stylus on a whiteboard in a classroom, an accurate reproduction of the notes could be transmitted to students' tablets.

Interchangeable nibs will allow the user to write in ink or other materials. A capacitive version of the stylus is also mentioned. The latter would be used with the Apple iPad screen in the same manner as a traditional stylus. The device would activate when picked up from its dock, when its tip touches paper, or when it is manually turned on by the user.

A current smart pen, the Livescribe 3, has some of the features that are listed in Apple's patent. However, it is a lot more complicated as it uses an infra-red camera in its tip to capture handwriting, and requires the use of special paper and a large amount of power. Apple's patent, which was filed in 2010, covers a more capable stylus that uses hardware already produced by Apple for the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple would have to break plenty of tradition if it were to eventually offer a stylus for its devices. Steve Jobs' was dead set against the use of a stylus on his iDevices, but Apple has been known to cave to competitive pressures even if it meant going against its departed co-founder's wishes (hence the larger screens on the Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung has enjoyed success with the S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note phablets and now there is talk of LG offering the tool for the LG G4. So don't be surprised if Apple eventually includes a stylus/smart pen with a future version of the iPhone or iPad.

source: USPTO via AppleInsider

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