Apple patent may show off design of iPhone nano

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Apple patent may show off design of iPhone nano
A patent filed by Apple was discovered today, and it apparently hints at the design for an iPhone nano. Often the subject of rumors, even if the patent is for such a device, there is no guarantee that it will ever be made. According to the details of the patent, the entire front of the phone would be a display. The back would feature a "force-sensitive touch based surface". At least we know that even in Cupertino, The Quick Brown Fox still Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.

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14. MTLance unregistered

LMAO, I guess PhoneArena have no new stuff except digging up stuff from the past. Meh I rather stick with the iPhone.

8. sharpy2534

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this is very old i remember seeing this last year

9. E.N.

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Me too

11. secondcor517

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This was originally posted 2 years ago. Way to go Phone Arena. creen_interface.html

7. Kiltlifter

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If the iPhone was the jesus phone... with the "force" screen, will this be the JEDI phone?

6. YouLostTheGame

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In all honesty, I love my BB Storm. But what I'd really like to see is some kind of "iphone" that doesn't require data. Give me the music player and IDEALLY Wi-Fi (I know a carrier wouldn't allow a phone to have Wi-Fi and not require a data plan, but one can dream can't he?) and the slick UI and bring it to VZW and I'd really consider switching phones. Data is nice, but for me not too necessary. So saving me the extra $30/mo and giving me flawless sync with Mac *could* make me happy.

5. uknow85

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that is stupid just let the iphone be the focus and keep working and making that better, & also bring it to verizon

10. E.N.

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I agree. The iPhone is successful already. They shouldn't throw another phone into the equation to complicate things. I mean when their sales start to drastically decline, then they should do that. But not when they've been making even more money.

3. technIowa

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I only hope that's not the keyboard it would use, you would have to right with out the letter "D".

4. gomets15217

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13. rbz275

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hah.... my friend had a GPS that was missing a letter on the on-screen keyboard

2. technIowa

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it's only a patent, the real deal would look way better.

1. hmcougar09

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It's ugly.

12. behold--me

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i second thaT

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