Apple is looking into flexible batteries for future foldable iPhone and iPad

Apple is looking into flexible batteries for future foldable iPhone and iPad
As shown by an Apple patent named "Flexible battery structure," the Cupertino company has been looking into different flexible battery configurations to be used in future devices, likely iPhone and iPad.

As we've seen before from other Apple patents, such as "Foldable cover and display for an electronic device," which itself was showing a smartphone similar in appearance and form factor to the Galaxy Fold, the iPhone maker has been looking into flexible technology for several years now.

This new patent shows Apple looking into different ways to fit battery cells in unusual shapes, such as cylinders, by making the batteries capable of bending and flexing. This suggests that the company isn't fond of the currently-used rigid, rectangular batteries that we see on all smartphones and tablets, and Apple may not see current battery technology as viable for its own vision on flexible devices.

An electronic device is described in the patent as comprising "a flexible housing member," with "a flexible display" comprising within it, which basically suggests that not just the battery, but a large portion of the device housing it is planned to be flexible.

As per usual, it's important to remember that patents don't necessarily mean we'll actually see results, although it's safe to say that Apple has been interested in folding technology for many years now, and when the company decides that its vision is possible, we may see results.

In the meantime, future-technology enthusiasts will be happy to know that we already have confirmed, upcoming products to look forward to, such as the next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 5G, which was recently leaked to feature three rear cameras, massively upgraded displays, with the main one expected to be around 7.6 inches, though at the similarly futuristic price of between $1780 and $1980.

In addition, the Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone is also an exciting take on the quest for a larger display in a pocketable form factor, featuring two separate 5.6-inch displays held together by a hinge. Despite running Android like a seemingly normal smartphone, the Duo is notably focused for productivity on the go.

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