New teaser photo shows Microsoft Surface Duo being used for productivity

New teaser photo shows Microsoft Surface Duo being used for productivity
Rumors recently broke about Microsoft shelving the Windows 10X Surface Neo for next year, though thankfully, fans of the smaller Android smartphone alternative, Surface Duo, needn't worry.

Microsoft keeps hinting that the product is either finished or close to being done, with release dates still expected around the holiday season of 2020, along with a rumored limited release in summer.

Two days ago, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay posted the first public photo ever to be taken with the Surface Duo, on Instagram, and now we have a tweet from Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, teasing the device being used, in a photo.

Many fans weren't sure if Microsoft is going to deliver the Duo on time, especially considering its bigger brother, the Surface Neo, is likely getting delayed, but seeing those little teasers convinces us Microsoft is serious about putting that device into our hands this year.

The Surface Duo, which Anderson is seen using in the tweeted photo, is what Microsoft is careful to call, and present as a productivity device. But we know its running Android and has smartphone capabilities, so it's also being considered as an alternative to foldable phones.

It has a pair of 5.6-inch 1350 x 1800 displays held together by a small hinge, making for a book-like experience when opened. If the displays are completely opened, to lay flat on one another, the Duo probably feels like a conventional phone too. So what we hope for is to get the best of both worlds, a comfortable and familiar smartphone experience, suited for productivity and multitasking, with much sturdier glass screens without a crease.

The Surface Duo entry version is expected with 6GB of memory and 64GB of storage. For extra productivity appeal, it also supports the Surface Pen. We're yet to get a confirmation on whether a limited summer release will happen, though if Microsoft continues with the teasers, it's not a stretch to expect it.

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