Apple kills Chomp for Android

Apple kills Chomp for Android
We knew it was just a matter of time after Apple acquired Chomp that the app would be removed from Android, and that day has finally come. The app discovery service had been on Android for a while, and was quite an impressive app. 

The service was built by a team in San Francisco, and it found a good home pretty early on in its life, both in the Android Market (as it was known then), but also as the service powering Verizon's Android app store. Chomp was one of the better recommendation engines out there, but also simply a really good quality search service (actually better than the Android Market search at the time), and so back in February, Apple acquired the company, and we can assume that the plans are to fold in the technology to the iTunes App Store. 

It seems that those additions to the iTunes App Store may be happening fairly soon, because the Chomp website now only searches apps for iOS, and the Chomp app has been pulled from the Google Play Store. It seems odd that the app still exists for iOS, since normally Apple would flat out kill the service and focus on adding the functionality to Apple's product, but maybe Tim Cook has more of a plan here that we don't see yet. 

source: Chomp via BGR 



64. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

App discovery app? You can easily find plenty of Android apps by GOOGLing them....

63. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

huh, never heard of Chomp until now - no big loss for me now...

59. gwuhua1984

Posts: 1237; Member since: Mar 06, 2012

I think the only Chomp I've heard of is Chomp SMS... I never bothered to use it...

57. JGuinan007

Posts: 699; Member since: May 19, 2011

Chomp is/was a search engine for the Google Play store/Android market and Apple App store searching for apps was easier on it and came back with better results Apple is going to integrate the Chomp engine right into it's App Store to make a better user experience searching the App store that is all.

44. cpmBurst

Posts: 9; Member since: Jan 22, 2012

Maybe Apple is planning their own search engine! Probrably unlikely, but still...

43. taco50

Posts: 5506; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

All the dumb trolls having emotional responses. Google should pull their services? Sure and they'll lose billions in revenue. Sorry google isn't ran by 15 year old fandroids so that's not going to happen. I don't know what chomp is either. Obviously it's not a popular app. I'm sure Apple has a reason behind buying it and pulling it.

45. frydaexiii

Posts: 1476; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

Sure, billions in the first few days until Google confirms Google Services are not coming back to iOS before everyone is forced to switch to Android and Google earns their billions again, + revenue from more Android devices sold in the long run. But only Apple would stoop to that level of dirty tricks. Google, and pretty much every other company gives you the option to choose what you like, only Apple limits both their customers as well as other consumers to only one choice for everything, theirs by making their products incompatible with others. Which other company created a whole new audio format just so you are forced to stay on their s**tty music eco system? Apple. Every other company is now using microUSB, which is the only so called "smartphone" not using it? iPhone. Sorry, but being a 30 year old dumb iFan isn't doing you any justice as well.

56. mrochester unregistered

I doubt Google would be able to make such a move without facing significant damages for anti-competitive practices. I think you're confusing a lot of issues. Regardless of whether Apple created a whole new music file format or not, the hardware itself doesn't restrict where you can purchase music from. Also, AAC is a standard music file format that any manufacturer can choose to use.

62. taco50

Posts: 5506; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

There's on reasoning with him. He has a blind hatred for everything Apple. He calls other sheep, but is happy with whatever android forces down his throat.

68. Normil

Posts: 17; Member since: May 02, 2011

Last time I checked Android didnt "force anything down our throat", which is why if you dont like one model, you can get another completely different one...

42. VJo003

Posts: 365; Member since: Mar 11, 2012

What is Apple trying to prove is what I wanna know?

40. TMach unregistered

WTF is Chomp? More so now it has been bought by a chump!!

38. PackMan

Posts: 277; Member since: Mar 09, 2012

Apple is now cleaning used, thrown away garbages from the play store.


Posts: 5; Member since: Apr 27, 2012

We like that. We asked Siri, We and Siri both like that.

41. VJo003

Posts: 365; Member since: Mar 11, 2012


30. reagannism

Posts: 9; Member since: Nov 23, 2011

I find this quiet childish and uncreative way performed by Apple to "beat" the amazingly growing Droids Admit it, Apple fanboys, deep in your heart you're a bit ashamed.......


Posts: 5; Member since: Apr 27, 2012

We see this is exclusive to us. We say what we won't say What we say. We thank Apple once yet again. We like that.

27. RamyRamz69

Posts: 390; Member since: Dec 12, 2011

Iphone users tomorrow: HAHAHA CHECK IT OUT WE HAVE CHOMP AND YOU DON'T Android users after tomorrow: Oh, so Google.Com and became available only to us? Sweet!

36. frydaexiii

Posts: 1476; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

Please, only Apple will stoop to such a low level. Google won't resort to such a dirty move by removing Google services for iOS and force people into Android right?

47. Pdubb

Posts: 250; Member since: Aug 08, 2011

Yeah! That is why there is no YouTube app for WP7.

60. HugeTroller

Posts: 80; Member since: Apr 27, 2012

there is, moron.

65. Pdubb

Posts: 250; Member since: Aug 08, 2011

You are truly ignorant. There is no official Youtube app for WP7. There is metrotube and apps like that but there is no Youtube unless they released one this week.

55. mrochester unregistered

Google's business model means they can't remove their services from iOS without taking a major hit to their bottom line. I think your post is overly dramatic however. Why not simply use another app recommendation service that does work with Android? It's not like Chomp was the only one...

26. taco5OO

Posts: 3; Member since: Apr 29, 2012

Chomp is the best application ever made on smartphones.

29. reagannism

Posts: 9; Member since: Nov 23, 2011

"Comment Wars V : The Taco Strikes Back"

24. GalaxyOptimus

Posts: 23; Member since: Dec 29, 2011


23. OmarF82

Posts: 17; Member since: Jan 09, 2012

WTF is Chomp? I really never heard of it. I'm not kidding I'm deadly serious. I have several devices long time Android user not not a clue. LOL

22. mrochester unregistered

This is a bit of a no-brainer really. The issue with modern app stores is that the bredth of apps is enormous which makes it really difficult for developers to be seen and really difficult for users to find good apps. Apple's Genius service goes some way to recommending other apps you may enjoy based on the ones you already have, but I don't know whether it's very sophisticated as far as how it decides what to recommend to you. Chomp may be a way for Apple to incorporate a better app discovery mechanism for it's behemoth sized app store.

20. Saamic

Posts: 119; Member since: Feb 20, 2012

Wow... if Google removed all of their services from the iphone app store... they'd get crapped on

54. mrochester unregistered

Google would take a massive profit hit by removing their services from Apple products. I doubt they're in a hurry to do that.

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