Apple increases the price of the iPad mini abroad

Apple increases the price of the iPad mini abroad
Pricing is always a touchy subject when it comes to Apple products. The company is notorious for the aggressive (and sometimes borderline predatory) tactics it employs in order to maximize its profits.

This is particularly obvious in the context of Apple’s entry-level, cheaper products (to the extent that any Apple device can be considered “cheap”). The company is prone to making unsavory compromises - such as offering a baseline 64GB of storage, for example.

With the new vanilla 10th generation iPad, it is no different. But what is surprising, however, is the length to which Apple would go in order to preserve the integrity of its pricing strategy.

For example, this week, Apple raised the prices of the latest-generation iPad mini 6 in a number of markets abroad. This information was first brought forward in an article by MacRumors.

In both the UK and the EU, the price of the iPad mini was increased by an average of 20%, across all configurations. Now, the device starts at the equivalent of about $650.

This, of course, can be attributed to rising inflation and the strong dollar. Apple has never really bothered to price its devices competitively, especially abroad. The truth is that the company knows it can get away with much more than your average tech giant.

Case and point - making sure that the vanilla iPad remains the entry-level option worldwide. If the previous pricing of the iPad mini had been preserved, it would have been less expensive than the new 10th-generation iPad. And Apple does not want that.

Nevertheless, there is one small caveat - Apple is known for almost always refusing to adjust the prices of its devices post-launch. This is part of the reason why Apple products are more expensive in foreign markets - as a safety measure in the event of depreciation.

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It seems that even this is not enough for the Cupertino company. Still, Apple products will almost always be in high demand, regardless.

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