Apple iPhone 8 schematics and molds appear in leaked photos

Apples​ iPhone 8 schematics and molds appear in leaked photos
An image found on weibo claims to show the latest schematics for the Apple iPhone 8. The 10th anniversary edition of Apple's smartphone once again appears with a vertically placed dual-camera setup on back. A couple of other pictures reveal what looks to be a pair of molds used in the production of parts for the device. The molds appear to be made in conjunction with the schematics. If you look closely, you can see the housing for the vertical dual camera setup on the mold used to produce the back half of the phone.

There has been talk about a delay as long as two months for the iPhone 8. Depending on the analyst you hear this from, the problem has to do with the attempt by Apple to embed Touch ID under the glass, or there is an issue with the 3D sensing technology that will allow the phone to use facial recognition to verify identity. No matter what is the cause of the delay, Apple still expects to get the phone out in time to generate sales during the holidays.

You can view the schematics and the front and back molds by clicking on the slideshow below. With so many questions concerning the 10th anniversary iPhone model, our best advice is to take everything you read and view about the phone for now, with a grain of salt.

source: weibo via @trendytechz
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