Apple iPhone 6 dummy invades all media, now it stars in a new video

Apple iPhone 6 dummy invades all media, now it stars in a new video
We weren't kidding before when we compared the Apple iPhone 6 dummy to the ubiquitous Apple iPhone 5c plastic colored casing that leaked constantly last year. Now, a video just posted to YouTube on Sunday, reveals the Apple iPhone 6 dummy as it lies next to an Apple iPhone 5s. Nothing has changed with the comparison that we just talked about earlier today, but now you can see it in motion instead of staring at a static photograph. We should point out that the clip comes out of Vietnam.

It seems like decades ago when the OG Apple iPhone launched with its 3.5 inch glass. At the time, it was considered a "generous" sized screen. Apple kept the same screen size even when Android models started passing the 4 inch bar. At Cupertino, the thought was that a 3.5 inch screen was perfect for one-handed use, giving the thumb coverage over most of the screen.

Finally, the Apple iPhone 5 took the screen on the device to 4 inches. But it obviously was not enough to satisfy everyone. Top-shelf Android handsets now exceed 5 inches regularly. To take on those Android, and even Windows Phone behemoths, the next iteration of the iPhone is supposedly taking the screen size to 4.7 inches. And we could then see a 5.5 inch screen on an Apple iPhone phablet. We wonder if Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave, as he was a strong proponent of the 3.5 inch screen.

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