Apple iPad is out at the plate at Yankee Stadium

Apple iPad is out at the plate at Yankee Stadium
If you own an Apple iPad and were thinking about bringing it with you on your next trip to Yankee Stadium, better leave your tablet safe at home. It seems that the Bronx Bombers have a rule that prevents lap tops from being brought into the ballpark and that apparently covers Apple's iPad. The rule was designed to protect the fans. Besides having a very good baseball scorebook program, an iPad could help keep you up-to-date on that critical doubleheader between the Orioles and K.C. and if you coughed up the $15 for Major League Baseball's AtBat app, you can watch a replay of that triple play you missed while you were on line (as opposed to being online) grabbing some beer for your friends. Because the horrific nature of 9/11 is seared into the brains of most New Yorkers, one cannot entirely blame the Stadium security detail for worrying about all of the evil things that can happen with a lap top computer and 43,000 fans. Ironically, deep inside the bowels of Yankee Stadium, each player has a computer screen at his locker and the ballpark is considered one of the most technologically advanced in MLB. Each team gets to decide its own policy on bringing laptops into the stands. New York's other team, the Mets, are one of the teams that allows iPads and laptops inside the stadium. Other teams that agree with the Mets' policy include the Angels and the Mariners. Things surely were a lot easier when the old "House that Ruth built" opened its doors in 1923.

source: NYTimes

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