The new iPadOS supports USB sticks and external hard drives

The new iPadOS supports USB sticks and external hard drives
Apple's enhancements to its venerable iPad family of tablets didn't end up with the brand new iPadOS that introduces plenty of features that aid multitasking, moving the iPad one step closer to being an actually decent laptop replacement.

Tucked withing the new iPadOS is one small feature, one giant leap for Apple users that they have been clamoring for since, well, forever. When your iPad Air 2 and above gets updated to the new iPadOS, it will unlock the USB thumb drive reading achievement.

That's right, plug in an external hard drive, USB stick, a memory card, you name it, with the respective adapter, and the iPad will be able to list it in the new file manager as an extra source of memory capacity adding to the iPad's internal memory. 

We all know how much a step up in storage costs for the iPad, so you can add more on the cheap, straight from the comfort of your keychain, if needed. In addition, the iPad will now be able to read files and photos directly from your professional camera's storage for quick editing on the go, neat.


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