Apple releases iOS 12 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad

Apple releases iOS 12 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad
Today, Apple has released the newest iOS 12 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad, and developers can already install the newest version to test their apps.

iOS 12 was unveiled a few weeks ago at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference, or simply WWDC, and it brought a bunch of interesting new features: a new animated avatar called Memoji and new Animoji for the iPhone X, significantly improved speed on older devices, detialed battery stats for all supported iPhones, as well as a new setting that allows users to track how much they use their phone and keep a healthy phone usage diet.

The latest version of iOS 12, the developer beta 2, is all about gradual improvement and bug fixes, and you can see the full changelog when you tap on that press release button right below.

+- Press Release

source: Apple


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