Apple and Huawei make the toughest phones, says study

Apple and Huawei make the phones least likely to need warranty repairs, says study
It may not come as a surprise that Apple makes quality phones that rarely need to be repaired - after all, it makes the most expensive phones on average - but putting Huawei high up on that list is pretty telling, too. 

Research firm Harris Interactive followed 130050 after-sale interventions from the big European electronics retail chain Darty, and compiled a list of the brands that required the least warranty repairs for the typical two-year coverage (it's one year in the US).

It turns out that Huawei and Honor phones (also made by Huawei), as well as Apple, encapsulate the top three of device makers whose gear has the lowest failure rate, i.e. are the least likely to break during that period. 

There are other interesting tidbits in the study, such as the fact that the average smartphone ownership duration is now 3 years, just what as the industry has been afraid of. That's not only due to the demise of the two-year carrier contract and subsidies, but also to the fact that phones now do more and last you longer before you need to upgrade for the next best thing.

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