Apple Glasses project is "terminated", new report claims

Apple Glasses project is
Apple has allegedly run into insurmountable difficulties with its rumored augmented reality glasses, rumored to come in 2020 as an iPhone accessory.

A new report by DigiTimes claims that Apple has "temporarily stopped" developing the new technology and it is not clear whether it plans to go back to the drawing board or look for different technologies to achieve its goals with the rumored Apple Glasses. This particular report, however, stands at odds with other publications who claim that Apple is set on releasing the glasses on time.

Over the past few months publications the rank of Bloomberg and supply chain insiders like Ming-Chi Kuo have both agreed that Apple is working on augmented realities glasses, a product different from the virtual reality (VR) glasses that others have developed in that it allows the user to remain present in the moment while still receiving information and notifications in the glasses.

So what specific information has led DigiTimes to believe that Apple has canceled work on the glasses project, its alleged "next big thing"? The publication connects the departure of Apple designer Avi Bar-Zeev in January to turmoil and the eventual termination of the whole glasses project. Earlier, Bar-Zeev was one of the key individuals involvded in shaping the Microsoft HoloLens glasses. The report goes on to claim that the glasses team was disbanded in May and the original members were transferred to other products.

Rumors about the Apple Glasses have portrayed them as a device that connects to an iPhone, much like an Apple Watch, but that is much smaller than the geeky-looking current AR glasses and that looks much like regular glasses.

At the end of the day, it seems that there is some trouble with the Apple Glasses project, but with only one report claiming that the whole project is terminated, it would be best to wait for more evidence before jumping into conclusions.



1. cmdacos

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3. sgodsell

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I think Apple has to stop right now and wait for the others to make the technology that Apple wants or needs to use. I remember Apple talking about 4k displays per eye, and even 8k per eye. The competition don't even have that now. Especially since the displays are made by the competition, and not by Apple. We are talking 2000 dpi on a display panel. No one has even close to that yet. Plus the GPUs and CPUs needed to drive those displays would be a lot more than Apple's current Axx SoCs can handle.

5. apple-rulz

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What technology does Samsung use that is their own? Meaning something they haven't bought, borrowed or copied. Also how's the Fold been selling?

7. Rampage_Taco

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Samsung makes far more of their phones than Apple ever did or will. Tim Cook will never acknowledge your existence, so you can stop trying so hard

8. apple-rulz

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Cute reply but your deflection failed. Please answer the question.

9. slim3bdo

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Cpu , ram , memory , display , camera sensors , batteries . Thats about 90 % of a phone . So yes you are a stupid ignorant .

10. apple-rulz

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CPU-developed by Intrinsity, with additional engineering by Micron and Global Foundries. RAM-partnered and licensed technology from Seagate. Display-Toppan FPD Camera sensors-Sony, including licensing and engineering for the ISOCELL Batteries-Lithium-Ion technology that Samsung borrows. So again, what does make that is their own? You listed tech that they bought, borrowed or copied, but that's all.

2. Back_from_beyond

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But wait according to some, Apple was gonna show everyone else how it was done! AR glasses are doomed now!

4. TBomb

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We need to get a windshield of a car looking and acting like the Google glasses and what these would have looked like before we can get into putting them on our faces i think. Having them on a windshield is a scary/dangerous idea, but if they wont be successful there (where they can be consumed in smaller amounts and slowly adjusted to being around us), they won't be successful anywhere.

6. midan

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Product category which i have never understood.

11. Xavier1415

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go copy google glass apple and everything will be just fine

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