Apple files for a restraining order against Tim Cook’s alleged stalker

Apple files for a restraining order against Tim Cook’s alleged stalker
If you’re a famous person, it’s most likely that you have a couple of stalkers spying on you right at this moment. However, it seems that not only movie stars or singers such as Taylor Swift have stalkers. CNET is reporting that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has also, allegedly, got someone who is obsessing over him in a stalker-like manner.

Apple has filed for a restraining order against Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma, a 41-year-old San Francisco man, who has reportedly been preoccupied with Apple’s CEO since September last year, when he allegedly left a disturbing voicemail on an unnamed Apple executive’s phone. The person responsible for filing for the restraining order is Apple security specialist William Burns, whose testimony we can see on a Medium reporter’s Twitter. The phone call from September was followed by another one and then, when no results were obtained, Sharma’s behaviour escalated.

Allegedly, on December 4, 2019, Sharma entered Apple’s CEO’s personal property, without permission, carrying flowers and champagne. He later continued to harass Tim Cook, tagging him on sexually explicit content on Twitter. Then, a month later, on January 15, he allegedly trespassed on Tim Cook’s property in Palo Alto again, but left before police authorities had arrived.

Burns also stated that Sharma’s threatening behaviour is causing emotional distress to Apple employees. The alleged stalker even stated in a call that he doesn’t use ammunition but knows people who do, according to Burns. Other paranoid remarks have allegedly been made by Sharma in regards to Apple and Tim Cook.

Sharma continued with the abuse even after Apple sent him a cease-and-desist letter on February 5. CNET reports that a California court granted Apple a temporary restraining order against Sharma, which will last through March 3, the day of the official hearing.


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