Apple fights back by asking the ITC to ban Nokia phones

Apple fights back by asking the ITC to ban Nokia phones
The bickering saga continues between Apple and Nokia as the latest turn of events now aims to have imported Nokia phones being banned in the US. Soon after Nokia asked the US International Trade Commission to ban Apple devices, Apple is turning around and doing the same to the Finnish company. This never ending battle seems to point fingers at both sides with plenty of mudslinging action happening; probably less in the courts we’d hope. Apple’s complaint was posted on the website of the International Trade Commission without much detail accompanying it. We’d suspect that there would be little damage incurred by Nokia if the ban does go into effect – with a finalized decision not happening for quite some time.  Even it does happen, Nokia’s market share here in the US is very minimal – it’s evident by just looking at current handset lineups on all four major wireless providers. So far the ITC hasn’t moved forward with any decisions regarding both sides, but it’s customary for investigations to complete in a 15 month span – plenty of time for both sides to build up a strong case for the court system.

source: USITC via Engadgetmobile & Bloomberg


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