Apple faces class-action lawsuit over “dangerously breaking” Apple Watch devices

Apple faces class-action lawsuit over “dangerously breaking” Apple Watch devices
Apple is in trouble again, as the company is facing another class-action lawsuit. Bloomberg reports that the culprit is indeed the Apple Watch, which “suffers from a design flaw that makes the screen prone to breaking or detaching, exposing razor-sharp edges.”

Four Apple customers have filed a complaint against Apple in federal court in Oakland, California. “The detached, shattered, or cracked screens are a material and unreasonably dangerous safety hazard,” reads part of the document.

This isn’t purely theoretical either. There are pictures included in the filing, showing deep slashes on the arm of one of the “victims”, purportedly caused by an Apple Watch 3. The fact that the issue is present in older Apple Watch models violates “various consumer protection laws.”

The claim here is that Apple didn’t leave enough space inside the Apple Watch to account for the potential swelling of the battery, resulting in shattered screens and injured customers. The current lawsuit is similar to one back in 2018. However, the 2018 case was dismissed due to the “plaintiff failing to identify a specific defect.”

That’s why the new class-action lawsuit focuses specifically on the battery as a potential culprit. “The screens are made either of Ion-X glass (aluminum models) or sapphire crystal glass (stainless steel and titanium models) and each have a razor-sharp edge on all four sides,” the customers said. Any excessive pressure from the inside could result in the glass shattering and injuring the person who has the watch strapped to his wrist.

The current lawsuit “seeks to represent anyone who bought any model of the Apple Watch starting with the first generation in 2015, and continuing until last year.” This means that the Apple Watch Series 7 is not included. We’ll be monitoring the situation and keep you updated.

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