Apple employee does another oopsie by losing an iPhone prototype in a bar yet again

Apple employee does another oopsie by losing an iPhone prototype in a bar yet again
Needless to say, there were plenty of parties that learned from the entire fiasco that played out with the prototype iPhone 4 last year when an Apple employee lost it at a bar. You’d think that people holding onto any of Apple’s unreleased products would be a bit more conscious about keeping them, but unfortunately for another employee, we’re starting to see the same thing playing out once again.

Who knows what it is. It could be the drinking and all, or possibly the stress befalling them since they’re guarding a previous device, but it seems that iPhone prototypes are prone to being lost for some odd reason. It’s being reported that one Apple employee lost an unreleased iPhone model late last month in July at the Cava22 bar in San Francisco. As soon as Apple was made known about the lost iPhone, the company was quick to scramble an investigation team to track and find out the whereabouts of the phone.

From the sound of it, the company tracked the phone to a specific house located in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights. Apparently, the authorities were soon called to help out and eventually investigators came knocking at the front door of the house where they spoke to “a man in his twenties.” The unnamed individual admitted that he was at Cava22 on the day that the iPhone went missing, but to his knowledge, he knew nothing about it – even despite being given a cash and “no questions asked” offer from the Cupertino based company.

Additionally, the man was even compliant enough to allow police to search his home for any evidence regarding the missing iPhone, but of course, nothing was found there. However, it’s reported that the handset was sold sometime later on Craigslist for a mere $200 to an unknown buyer. And that’s where the story about this missing iPhone ends for now.

At this point, if the reports are indeed true, someone out there is holding onto a precious piece of cargo – and they might not be aware about it. Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see how things develop now that we’re nearing the inevitable announcement regarding Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

source: CNET via BGR

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