Apple creates a support page to help you switch from Android to iOS

Apple creates a support page to help you switch from Android to iOS
Switching from one mobile OS to another has always been a tough pill to swallow – having to transfer all of one's contacts, calendars, mail, pictures and media, etc. seems like a daunting and nauseating task that often keeps users from not only switching OSes, but from switching brands (just in case) as well.

Some industry leaders have realized that this is a hindrance, when trying to lure customers away from the competition, and have made efforts towards assisting users in making the switch; namely – Sony has been running the Xperia Transfer program for a while now, which offers an app that helps users transfer all the data from their old phone – be it iOS or Android – to their shiny new Xperia.

Apple seems to have taken a page off of Sony's notebook, as it too has built an entire section in its Support page, dedicated to helping users with switching from Android to iOS. Apparently, Apple expects that the new, bigger screens will draw in some Android folk.

The section is named “Move content from your Android phone to iPhone” and informs potential new customers of iOS's capabilities and ways to move content from one's old, Android phone, to an iOS device.

For example – for those, worried that they may lose their email sync – Apple assures them that iOS supports plenty of email providers and it is “likely” that newcomers will be able to easily sync their emails, contacts, and calendars (provided the latter two are synced to the email account).

For transferring of photos and videos, contacts, and calendars, if they are not synced to a 3rd party social account (such as email, Facebook, etc.), Apple suggests the use of 3rd party apps like “Copy My Data” or “AT&T Mobile Transfer”. Both apps are available in the App Store and Play Store and are made specifically to aid such endeavors.

For transferring of media (photos, videos, music), one could also use a PC with iTunes. Basically, the user must first connect their Android device to the computer, export all of the desired media, then import it into their new iPhone.

Apparently, there are a lot more hoops to jump through, when compared to Sony's straightforward Xperia Transfer. Still – it's doable, and future iOS enthusiasts now have an official page with all the info they would need to switch from Android, compiled by Apple itself.

source: Apple

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