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Apple aggressively poaching Samsung experts in image, signal, and battery technology


The very competitive salary and benefits package that Apple offers, is luring experts away from Samsung, complained company insiders for the Korean media. Apple has apparently been aggressively poaching Samsung talent in next-gen image and signal processing, and, lately, in battery technology. Being the richest company in the world, it's hard to resist Apple's clout, tipped the insiders, and a lot of Samsung folks have been tempted already, as per these quotes from Samsung officials:

We all know Samsung's significant chip-making expertise and image processing prowess, but batteries? Granted, the company does have many advancements in battery tech for smartphones, such as its rollable and bendable prototypes, as well as the new polymer tech that is likely to debut in the Galaxy S6, but that might not be all there is to it. Remember the rumor that Apple is building an electric car? Well, Samsung SDI is the maker supplying juicers for BMW's electric vehicle efforts, so that might be one reason why Apple is poaching battery engineers from Samsung, according to another official:

Samsung is not alone in complaints that Apple has been after its engineering and next-gen technology talent, too. Apple has allegedly been luring Tesla folks as well, and, as recently as last week, it was unearthed that the team from Cupertino has been attracting so many high-level battery experts from A123, that the company had to stop working on some projects because of this, and filed a lawsuit against Apple. Something big seems to be brewing at the fruit company, and with a $180 billion cash pile, we can only imagine where this will all end.

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