Apple Watch Ultra exclusive apps hit the App Store

Apple Watch Ultra exclusive apps hit the App Store
The Apple Watch Ultra made its debut alongside the Apple Watch 8 and the iPhone 14 lineup last week at Apple’s Far Out event. Unlike the latter two, the Apple Watch Ultra has yet to hit store shelves, with general availability coming on Friday of this week (September 23rd).

The Apple Watch Ultra is not your ordinary wearables. It comes equipped with a wide array of functions, most of them tailored to the lifestyles of athletes and very physically active individuals.

This also means that Apple has specifically developed a couple of apps that make use of the enhanced functionality of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Two such apps just hit the App Store ahead of the launch of the Ultra. The apps in question are Siren and Depth. This information was first covered by 9to5Mac in a dedicated article.

Siren is a rather straight-forward and self-explanatory app. It enables the Apple Watch Ultra to emit a 86-decibel alert that can be heard (according to Apple) within a 180-meter radius. This could come in handy for users that enjoy hiking and other potentially risky outdoor activities.

The Depth app is also not particularly hard to grasp. It allows users to monitor their current depth, the water temperature and the duration spent underwater. It can be used at depths of up to 40 meters.

Unsurprisingly, both apps have a rather simplistic user interface that enables users to easily interact with the Apple Watch Ultra, while simultaneously remaining engaged with other physical activities.

It should be noted that these apps cannot be installed on the ordinary Apple Watch models. They will come preinstalled on the Apple Watch Ultra and can be used on it alone. In fact, the sole reason they have been made available on the App Store is to allow users to potentially uninstall them.

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